Kodi on Xbox One, How to install it and how to stream

A long waiting time had finally ended. The most popular streaming platform has finally an app on Xbox and this has been launched in January. If you wanna use this awesome streaming app Kodi then read our free Guide on how to install Kodi on Xbox one.

After you installed this Kodi app you can stream and watch premium content like tv shows, movies and even live sports, For free!

The app can also be used to store local movies and non-copyrighted videos.

Kodi on Xbox one! How to get it.

First of all, you need to know that this app is an app that just has been released and this is an “alpha / BETA” version of the application. Everything stands in his child shoes and may have some bugs that they will fix asap. I can also miss some option that you have on PC Or on another device

Kodi Screen Shot Xbox.

First, you need to get Kodi.

Download Kodi for Xbox One

1. The first step is to turn ur Xbox one on and make sure you have some internet connection on it.
2. Then Sign into you on your Xbox account and go to the Xbox store
3. Search for the application Kodi and install it.
4. Once Kodi is downloaded and installed you open it on your home screen.

Remember that some content that is available through third-party add-ons on Kodi is illegal to view, and we recommend to not do this. But in the end, you are free to watch what you like in my opinion.