Playerunkown’s battleground update Xbox One!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still the leader of the surviving games in 2018. The game is still unfinished but the Xbox One Games that play this games are increasing everyday! There are not many games Such popular as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is at the moment. This game has already reached the 3 million active players within the first month it was available. Since the release of the game the game has already had four updates, besides that much more will be updated in the future before it will leave the early access version. However, there is a problem with this game and that are the cheats, since the game is a survival game the developer’s cant use cheaters. The developers have teamed up with a Chinese company called Tencent to delete all the cheaters and create a system to dodge the cheaters. The initiative seems to be working since the Chinese police have already made some arrest in the region according to this problem. You can think of people that make hacks and bot for the game.

Over 120 People arrested.

The police have 30 important cases of this cheating problem, over 120 people are suspected of designing cheating software for PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds. The most common cheats that they make are cheats that adding abilities like x-ray vision. Another popular cheat is an old aimbot that helps to aim at your target, in fact, you will never miss. Before the final release, they need to solve this problem.

If you wonder how big this problem is and how good the bots and cheaters are that make this game wors check this video:

Playerunknown’s Battleground New Desert Map Miramar

We have more good news about this awesome game, not only the cheaters will be deleted from the game there will also be a whole new map called Miramar. This map is in the Desert in our opinion a great design. A new patch was recently released on steam, this has some minor changes to it. Of course, the thing I will mention now will also come to the Xbox one version later on.

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Official Desert Map Miramap