Xbox One X everything you need to know about the new Xbox One X

Xbox One X everything you need to know about the new Xbox One X

Xbox One X Aka Xbox Scorpio project.

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Xbox One X The future console from Microsoft. That is the official name Microsoft has given to Project Scorpio, the up and coming 4K-prepared Xbox One successor that became the dominant focal point at Microsoft’s E3 2017 public interview on Sunday. It will, in Microsoft’s words, be “the most intense comfort ever.”


That was Microsoft’s fundamental message for the show, more than once accentuating the Xbox One X’s favorable circumstances over the contending PlayStation 4 Pro (while never specifying its opponent support by name, obviously). Also, it beyond any doubt is an effective support. Read on for subtle elements on evaluating, accessibility, specs, essential elements, and perfect recreations.

Pricing & Release Date!

Amid its E3 public interview, Microsoft touted an “around the world” discharge on November 7 for the Xbox One X, however the organization has so far recorded costs in just five monetary forms: $499 USD, £449 GBP, €499 EUR, $599 CAD, and $649 AUD.

Microsoft likewise presently can’t seem to permit pre-orders—probably on the grounds that FCC endorsement of the support is as yet pending. That hasn’t halted some US retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart from having live postings for the Xbox One X, obviously, yet you can’t right now hold a framework. As per an IGN meet with Microsoft’s Albert Penello, the organization has arranged a unique pre-arrange program for later in the year.


As uncovered a couple of months back, the Xbox One X’s crude tech specs make it a beast. Here’s the means by which those specs contrast with the competition’s:

The new support sports huge updates over the first Xbox One, with AMD’s new APU driving the charge. While the 2013 Xbox One had only 12 Radeon designs centers timed at unassuming 853MHz, for example, the Xbox One X packs in 40 Radeon centers timed at a strong 1,172MHz. Note that AMD’s RX 580 contains 36 centers that keep running in the vicinity of 1,257MHz and 1,340MHz. Basically, Microsoft’s packed a whole $200 designs card into this comfort.

Put another way, this comfort highlights an astounding 6 teraflops of energy, slightly under the 6.17 tflops you’d get from a RX 580—yet packed into a significantly littler space. It’s a decent hop over the PlayStation 4 Pro (4.2 tflops), which is its closest reassure opponent, and it’s miles in front of the standard Xbox One S (1.4 tflops) and the standard PlayStation 4 (1.84 tflops). It even outpaces AMD’s RX 570 (5.1 tflops) and RX 560 GPUs (2.6 tflops).

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The Xbox One X additionally includes a RAM support, from 8GB of DDR3 up to 12GB of GDDR5, for a memory data transfer capacity of 326GB/s—practically identical to Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080. Like the GTX 1080, the Xbox One X likewise brags swanky vapor chamber cooling innovation.

It’s a mammoth—a sufficient monster to run large portions of Microsoft’s most prevalent establishments, including the up and coming Forza Motorsport 7, at 4K determination and 60 outlines for every second. Try not to expect that from all diversions, however, as the practically identical Radeon RX 580 illustrations card would be unable to hit that elevated edge rate in numerous current recreations unless you seriously dialed back designs quality.


Forza Motorsport 7 trailer (1:41)

Much of the time Asked Questions

Does the Xbox One X supplant the Xbox One S?

No, the two models will exist together. While the Xbox One S ended up supplanting the first, now-ceased Xbox One, it’s staying around as the base alternative in the current Xbox lineup, with a more moderate beginning cost of $250 for the 500GB model. It bolsters gaming up to 1080p, 4K video playback, and HDR.

The Xbox One X is the top notch reassure. As noted above, it accompanies a sticker cost of $500 for 1TB of capacity, and backings gaming up to 2,160p (4K), 4K video playback, and HDR.

Why might I purchase Xbox One X in the event that I don’t possess a 4K TV?

Microsoft says the Xbox One X still offers focal points over the Xbox One S when gaming on a 1080p TV—principally through supersampling, or the procedure by which a diversion renders at a higher determination and after that downscales to fit your screen. This element can have a gigantic beneficial outcome on level of detail, lucidity, and hostile to associating. On PC we’ve seen such tech in particular amusements, for example, Shadow of Mordor and The Witcher 2, while AMD and Nvidia have both incorporated the tech with their current designs cards (Virtual Super Resolution and Dynamic Super Resolution, individually).

Recreations on 1080p TVs will get anisotropic separating and speedier load times on the Xbox One X. Like the Xbox One S, Microsoft’s new comfort bolsters grand high-dynamic range visuals, as well. These additional visual advantages should signify a substantially prettier involvement in recreations, even at 1080p.

What games will support this 4K bullshit?

Microsoft hasn’t discharged a total rundown of recreations that will bolster 4K, however it showed many amid its hour and a half question and answer session. They include:

Forza Motorsport 7
Discharge date: October 3, 2017

Center earth: Shadow of War
Discharge date: October 10, 2017

Professional killer’s Creed Origins
Discharge date: October 27, 2017

Crackdown 3
Discharge date: November 7, 2017

Ocean of Thieves
Discharge date: Early 2018

Territory of Decay 2
Discharge date: Spring 2018

Metro Exodus
Discharge date: 2018

Microsoft likewise declared free 4K refreshes for Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2, and Minecraft. Furthermore, refreshes are wanting more than 30 existing outsider amusements that will qualify them as Xbox One X Enhanced titles.

What does “Xbox One X Enhanced” mean?

When all is said in done terms, a Xbox One X Enhanced title offers extra visual upgrades that exclusive the Xbox One X can exploit. Microsoft hasn’t given a full once-over of the program yet, so it’s vague if that implies anything past supersampling—however it appears to mean an option that is other than help for 4K and HDR.

Amid its E3 question and answer session, Microsoft unequivocally noted which recreations bolstered 4K, HDR, and the Xbox One X Enhanced program. Different mixes showed up. A few amusements indicated only the Xbox One X Enhanced logo. Maybe a couple gotten out just HDR bolster. However others (like Forza Motorsport 7) specified every one of the three.

Will the Xbox One X bolster virtual reality?

Regardless of the show a year ago about the Xbox One X’s VR-availability, Microsoft didn’t specify anything about it amid its E3 question and answer session. The organization appears to have dialed back on Xbox’s VR aspirations. Microsoft really ventured to express that it trusts the PC is right now the best stage for virtual reality.

Any crisp news on FreeSync 2 bolster?

None up until this point. All we know now is that the Xbox One X will bolster FreeSync 2. Microsoft hasn’t yet affirmed whether it will be a dispatch highlight, or on the off chance that we can anticipate that TVs will include AMD’s second-era variable-invigorate rate innovation.

On the last point, just a couple of FreeSync 2 screens have been reported to date. It may be the case that this component will profit just those Xbox One X gamers willing to play at a work area rather than from a sofa.

Is the Xbox One X bigger than the Xbox One S?

Amid its question and answer session, Microsoft tried touting the Xbox One X as the “littlest Xbox ever”— a much needed development from the thick VCR stylish of the Xbox One discharged in 2013. The Xbox One X doesn’t appear to be much unique from the first Xbox One, however it’s somewhat sleeker and significantly littler. For additional on exactly how little it is, look at our article about our hands-on involvement with the Xbox One X.

Do existing Xbox One adornments work with the Xbox One X?

Yes, Microsoft expressed that all current Xbox One and Xbox One S adornments will be completely perfect with the Xbox One X. So if for reasons unknown you as of now have a Xbox One Elite or custom Xbox One S controller, you can keep on putting mileage on it.

Does the Xbox One X work with Kinect?

It will, however you’ll require the connector—like the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X does not have a devoted Kinect port. Unfortunately, you should pay the $40 for the embellishment, as the free connector advancement has now finished.